Leveraging Salesforce Ideas

Ideas Enhancements

Ideas allows internal and external users the ability to submit ideas or suggestions for future projects. The Summer ’13 release includes an enhancement where the Ideas functionality is visible through a standard tab in any Salesforce community.

Enabling this feature allows customers to submit ideas as well as idea themes in order to facilitate online dialogue around these ideas.

Creating smaller niche audiences for your ideas would be done through the creation of Zones. Zones can be organized by geographic location, special interests, product lines, features, or customer type.

Members of the community will have visibility to specific Zones based on their profile settings.

Users have “reputation levels” in each individual Zone in which they are a member. The reputation levels include: Observer, Contributor, Influencer and Thought Leader. Users earn points toward their reputation level based on their participation in the Zone.

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To learn more about the Salesforce Summer '13 Release Enhancements, check out these Release Notes.

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