Collaborative Forecast Enhancements

The content below includes images and transcript snippets from the Salesforce Winter ’14 Release Training Materials.

To learn more about the Winter ’14 release enhancements you can read the full 
Winter ’14 Release Notes.

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Collaborative Forecasts shows a real time view of the forecast for the entire sales team. This includes forecast adjustments and the ability to track quota attainment.

Collaborative Forecasts now supports three types of data sources on the Forecast Settings page:
- Opportunity
- Product Family
- Opportunity Splits

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Forecasting by Opportunity

When the data source is opportunity, the forecast is based on the opportunity owner, amount, and quantity. 

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Forecasting by Product Family

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Forecasting by Product Family allows organizations were using opportunity products and product families to view the forecast separately for each product family.

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Forecasting by Opportunity Splits

Forecasting by opportunity splits allows organizations who are using opportunity splits to reflect the split revenue amounts in the forecast.

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Quantity forecasts are NOT supported with opportunity splits.

Forecasting by opportunity splits shows the forecast by team member and the split amount from the Opportunity Splits object. Forecasting by opportunity splits allows organizations who are using Opportunity Splits to reflect the split revenue amounts in the forecast. 

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Additional notes regarding collaborative forecasts:

If the administrator changes the Forecast Data Source in the Forecast Settings, all related adjustments and quotas will be deleted.

When creating a custom report type for Forecasting items, you can include related records from the Opportunity Product, Opportunity Splits or Opportunity Objects. Only the child object that matches the Forecast Data Source used in your organization will appear in your report.

Users can show or hide rows with all zero values when forecasting by Product Family.

Only the revenue split type is supported when forecasting by Opportunity Splits. Revenue splits must total 100% of the opportunity amount.

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