Salesforce Analytics - Historical Trending Enhancements

The content below includes images and transcript snippets from the Salesforce Winter ’14 Release Training Materials.

To learn more about the Winter ’14 release enhancements you can read the full 
Winter ’14 Release Notes.

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Historical trending lets you analyze how your opportunity or custom object data changes over time.

You can build tabular reports to give you a side by side comparison of record data between two or more points in time, color coded to give you an instant view of what has changed - or summarize the changes in a matrix report to see the big picture. Historical trending is enabled by default for new organizations created from Winter ’14.

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If your organization was created prior to Winter ’14 - historical trending can be enabled through Setup.

Once you have enabled historical trending in Salesforce, you will receive an email when your data is ready to report on - seeing up to 3 months of historical data on each object.

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Creating a Historical Trending Report

A new Historical Trending custom report type is created for each object that you enable, which users can use to create reports.

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This report type adds new features to the report builder - displaying current data in “Today” columns - and past data in “Historical” columns.

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You can display up to 5 historical dates - displaying data from up to the last 3 months.

The Historical Trending report type also includes a new historical field filter, which is the default filter when you click the Add button. This filter can be used to show only records that have changed in a certain way.

Image courtesy: Salesforce

Image courtesy: Salesforce

Additional Notes Regarding Historical Trending:

Each historical trend report can contain up to 100 fields and up to 5 million rows of historical trending data can be stored for each object.

Users cannot create historical trending reports in the report wizard. Historical trending reports can only be created using the report builder.

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