Understanding the Reports Tab Layout in Salesforce - Part 3

Managing the Columns in the Reports Tab

The columns appearing in the Reports Tab appears very subtle and simplistic. Don’t let appearances fool you - as there are some powerful featured embedded within the column headings on this page.


Let’s explore each of the columns and the features embedded within the column headers.

Action Column

Depending on your configuration settings, and the specific read/edit rights that you have related to the specific items appearing on the page, you may see a little arrow icon appearing


Clicking on this arrow will reveal several options - again depending on your user configuration and the specific report or dashboard that you are viewing. In this example, we have the following options available:

- Edit
- Delete
- Export

Edit: This option will allow us to drill into the filter and display setting for this report (or dashboard) to modify the selected item.

Delete: This will allow us to delete the selected item.

Export: This will bring us to a page, allowing us to extract the data set that matches the criteria specified in this report - in Excel (or CSV) format. 

Name Column


As the title implies, this column displays the name of the report or dashboard appearing beneath it. If the reports and dashboards also contain descriptive text, that will appear along with the name in this section.

Clicking on the Name column will automatically sort the display results alphabetically.

Clicking once on the column heading will sort the column alphabetically, and a small arrow indicator will appear next to the word “Name” indicating the sort order.


Clicking again will resort the results in descending order, and the arrow indicator will be updated to reflect this change.


 The same features appear in many of the remaining columns in the Reports tab. Feel free to play around with this feature - so that you feel comfortable with it.

If you hover your cursor to the right of the Name column header, a small arrow icon will appear in the header as shown in this screen shot.


Clicking on this arrow icon will reveal several options including:

- Sort Ascending

- Sort Descending
- Columns

The first two options will perform exactly like clicking on the column header.

If you drill further into the Columns option, you will be presented with additional options including: 

- A calendar & clock icon

- Folder
- Created By
- Created Date
- Last Modified By
- Last Modified Date

The checkboxes next to each line item will indicate whether or not each option has already been selected for your display preferences.

While most of these options are self-explanatory, the first one requires a bit of explanation.

The calendar and clock icon is the same one that appears to the immediate right of the Name column by default.

This shows whether or not a particular report or dashboard has been configured for scheduled distributions. More on that feature later.

As mentioned previously, the remaining columns appearing on the screen are:


- A calendar & clock icon - indicating if a particular report or dashboard is scheduled for a future distribution.

- Folder - indicating which folder a particular report or dashboard resides.
- Created By - indicating which Salesforce user created each item.
- Created Date
- Last Modified Date

Customizing Report Tab Columns

Another neat (and hidden) feature in the Reports tab is the ability to move columns around - based on user preferences.

Perhaps you want to move the calendar & clock icon all the way to the right, along with the Created By column. 

Here’s how you do it:

Simply move your cursor to the column header (like the calendar and clock icon). Once you are there, press on the mouse and hold down the cursor - while dragging the column header all the way to the right (or wherever you want it to be placed). Once you let go, the column has been successfully repositioned to the new location you specified.

In this screenshot, you can see that we successfully clicked and dragged on the calendar and clock icon, as well as the Created By column - in order to drag them over to the right hand side of the screen.

At any point I can simply drag them back as I wish.


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