How to Learn and Understand the Salesforce World

Are you just starting out working with Salesforce? Are there some days when it seems overwhelming or intimidating? Here are some tips on where to start to change that feeling! (In no particular order)

Get a Developer Org
Go to and sign up for a FREE, yes FREE, developer org. There is no data in org however, you can add some either manually or through the dataloader.

Check out Trailhead
Tradilhead is a website ( that contains a number of tutorials. These tutorials can be basic (explaining how to use accounts) to the more complex (how to write apex code). Each of these can be done in the dev org (the tutorial can connect to your dev og and check how you did). As a little extra motivation, you can receive points and badges too!!

Class Training and Certification
Of course, if you have the option, instructor led training is available too! In fact, taking the class will provide you with a voucher to take the test. Take it! Its worth it in the long run especially to prospective employers. The test is $200 to take initially. Should you need to take it again its only $100.

Check out the Salesforce Community
You definitely want to check out the Salesforce Community! This can be a valuable resource. You can find answers to questions here as well as post your own questions. You definitely want to set up a profile because that is how you get to know others and they get to know you!

Check out Linked In Discussion Groups
If you have a Linked In profile, check out the Salesforce groups that are out there; and there are a lot! This is another way to get answers to your questions as well as post your questions out there.

About the Author

Bill Hare is a Certified Administrator since 2010. Aside from being a Salesforce “geek”, Bill received an MBA from Univ of Phoenix in 2006. He also, when there is time, enjoys movies, playing golf and listening to all types of music. Follow Bill on Twitter at @theCRMHare.