How to Rock Your Salesforce Documents in 10 Minutes

Let's face it - if your organization uses Salesforce to keep track of customers, chances are that once in a while you might also need to store files related to those individuals.
These files might be PDFs, spreadsheets, MS Word documents, maybe even photos.
Storing proposals, invoices, contracts, blueprints, schematics, project details, product data sheets are all examples where my clients have expressed interest in tracking their documents while having quick and easy access to them while working in Salesforce.
For better or for worse, there are several options to explore, in order to solve for this business need. I will break them down into two categories: Native Salesforce Document Storage and Integrated Salesforce Document Storage.

Native Salesforce Document Storage

While there are certainly many benefits to storing files natively within Salesforce, as you can see from the options listed below, there are size limitations associated with each option and most individuals find the selection of options both confusing and overwhelming. Click here to learn more about the differences among the options listed below.

Integrated Salesforce Document Storage

The options listed below all leverage other tools to store and manage your documents. While this certainly entails costs associated with these external tools, many organizations are already using some of the options listed below, just not (yet) integrated with Salesforce. In addition, leveraging the options listed below allows for far more flexibility when organizations must routinely share folders and files with non-Salesforce users (employees who have no need to access Salesforce, or customers/clients). In addition, the tools listed below all bypass the file size limitations (and costs) found within Salesforce.
Which is YOUR favorite document storage solution?
I would love to hear your thoughts!
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