How To Integrate LinkedIn With Salesforce Without Paying A Nickel

This hack will create a link on your Account page layouts in Salesforce in order to find appropriate current (or past) employees on LinkedIn.

I dare you to find me a Sales professional who isn't interested in marrying these two powerful tools!

This is awesome stuff...if I may say so myself.
Just follow the steps below and you'll feel the magic in about 5 minutes.
Navigate to Setup > Build > Customize > Accounts > Buttons, Links and Actions

Select New Button or Link

Enter Details

1 - Enter "LinkedIn' for Label
2 - In Display Type, select Detail Page Link.
3 - Behavior should be Display in new window.
4 - Cut and paste the text below in the large open text box:{!Contact.FirstName}+{!Contact.LastName}+&company={!Account.Name}&sortCriteria=4','LinkedIn','_self'

5 - Press the Check Syntax button to confirm that you entered the text appropriately.
6 - The green confirmation text should appear as displayed above.
7 - Press the Save button.
Place your new LinkedIn link on the page layout

Under Build > Customize > Accounts > select Page Layout
Scroll down to the Custom Links section on the page

Find your new custom link

In the upper portion of the screen:

1 - Select the Custom Links section on the left.
2 - Find your newly created LinkedIn link.
Drag your new link into place and save the page layout

1 - Select your new custom link and drag it onto the page layout.
2 - Press Save.
Try it out!

Navigate to any account in Salesforce.

Press the LinkedIn link you just created.

A new browser window should open - with an automated LinkedIn search based on the Account Name that you had in Salesforce.

You can now find prospects, customers and send them network connection requests as needed.

NOTE: If you're interested in putting a similar link on your Contacts screens (to see the LinkedIn profile for a specific Salesforce contact) follow the same steps as listed above, but navigate over to the Contacts object and use the URL below for performing the automated search:{!Contact.FirstName}+{!Contact.LastName}&orig=GLHD&rsid=&pageKey=member-home&trkInfo=

Yes, you can do the Happy Dance now!

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