Once You See How Salesforce Integrates with Outlook You'll Have To Try It Too

You use Salesforce, and it's rocking your world.

You use Outlook, and you can't live without it.

The idea of toggling between these two tools makes your head spin. Every time you create a new contact in Outlook, you shouldn't have to jump into Salesforce to do the same thing. ...That would be ridiculous, right?

I agree.

In fact, wouldn't it be crazy cool if you could be in Outlook, and when receiving an email from someone, you should automatically see their corresponding Salesforce record, along with activity history, open activities, opportunities, cases, and more?

Yep - I'm with you.

Although I'm personally a huge Mac fan, and I've cut my own umbilical cord to Outlook a few years back, clients who are using Outlook on a PC often ask me how to get these two systems to talk to each other. The solution is not only simple and easy to use...it's also absolutely free.

Below are the resources you need to get familiar with the functionality, as well as the specific step-by-step instructions to install the Outlook plug in yourself, and configure the synchronization options as per your own preferences.

Download the PDF "Getting Microsoft Outlook & Salesforce in Sync" Implementation Guide. 

Additional Resources for Integrating Salesforce and Outlook:
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