Tracking Clients' Relationships Is Getting Easier in Summer '16 (Financial Services Cloud)

Very often my Financial Services clients need to track not only the individuals in their database, but also the relationships that those people have with others.

For example - you might want to track your client's lawyer or accountant.

While this was previously unavailable, the Summer '16 release of the Financial Services Cloud will allow users to track these relationships easily.

Check out more details on this upcoming feature here.

About the author: David Giller

David Giller a Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger & Author. Although he started his professional career as an attorney, he entered the world of enterprise-scale IT management at NBCUniversal, and continued at GE Capital, where he was first introduced to Salesforce & became known as "The Salesforce Guru." David is now CEO of Brainiate. You can read more about David's bizarre career path here.

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