19 Reasons Why Your Team Doesn’t Need Salesforce Training

As a Salesforce User Group leader, I have the privilege to connect with many Salesforce Admins and Users.

Very often, they approach me saying "OMG - our company desperately needs you to come in and train our users on how to use Salesforce. Our users are LOST!"

No surprise that I'm thrilled to hear the need for my professional services and I am happy to oblige.

Eventually, senior leadership within the organization needs to sign off on the training not only from a budget perspective, but also to coordinate logistics and enabling the Salesforce users to take time away from their day jobs to actually attend the much-needed training.

Ironically, very often the senior leaders within the business don't think that their team needs Salesforce training at all.

I often hear that senior management would rather rely on mediocre users training other users; PowerPoints that were created several years prior (and completely outdated); or outdated and irrelevant YouTube videos.

Sometimes I even encounter situations where senior management cannot even articulate why they don't believe that their team needs training. I can only guess that the word "training" conjures up many horrible emotional memories from childhood for a vast majority of the adult population in large corporations today.

This leaves Salesforce Admins and Users without the approval for the resources they need to leverage the Salesforce platform, and allow the company to realize their own return on investment for the license fees being paid for this powerful, yet underutilized tool.

This scenario inspired me to put together the list below - to help Admins and Users facilitate the conversation with senior management to help identify whether or not Salesforce training is needed within your own organization.

Take a look, and tell me what you think.

Oh, one more thing...if you find that the scenarios below apply to you - I would love to have you share your best practices at an upcoming NYC or Northern NJ User Group meeting, so that others can learn your secrets to success:
  1. Your Salesforce data is up to date.
  2. You don’t have duplicates in Salesforce.
  3. Pulling an accurate, clean list of customers and prospects is as simple as clicking on a Salesforce report.
  4. Your Salesforce users never complain that “Salesforce is too complicated."
  5. You never hear an employee say “Yeah, I’m just more comfortable doing it in Excel (or Outlook, or Google Sheets, or paper) than in Salesforce."
  6. When a team member is out sick, any colleague can easily jump in and cover for them.
  7. All your Salesforce users know how to use every Salesforce feature available to them - related to their core job responsibilities.
  8. Your team never lets a prospect/client/customer/deal/customer service issue/task slip through the cracks.
  9. All your advertising, networking, marketing initiatives are already tracked in Salesforce.
  10. Your field sales reps always know what their inside sales reps are doing on their behalf.
  11. Your sales team is aware of all marketing initiatives and communications that are being shared with customers and prospects.
  12. Accessing an accurate pipeline report takes seconds, not days or weeks.
  13. Identifying your top tier customers takes seconds.
  14. Identifying your top referral sources takes seconds.
  15. Identifying your top performing team members takes seconds.
  16. Identifying your customers who complain the most takes seconds.
  17. All Salesforce users clearly have an accurate 360 view of customers and prospects, seeing all interactions by sales, marketing & customer service.
  18. Your team leverages Chatter for internal collaboration, instead of generating a constant stream of “internal spam.”
  19. Your team knows how to use Salesforce1 on their favorite mobile phone and/or tablet. 

Want to hear how I help large companies (100+ Salesforce users) tackle Salesforce training for their team? Listen to this ButtonClick Admin podcast, where I share my best practices and tips on the topic!

About the author: David Giller

David Giller a Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger & Author. Although he started his professional career as an attorney, he entered the world of enterprise-scale IT management at NBCUniversal, and continued at GE Capital, where he was first introduced to Salesforce & became known as "The Salesforce Guru." David is now CEO of Brainiate. You can read more about David's bizarre career path here.

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