Getting Started in Salesforce: Understanding The Homepage

Your homepage is your first look at Salesforce.

In this article, I will give you a quick rundown of the core functionality available to you on the default homepage of Salesforce.

The Top of Your Homepage

The top part of your homepage includes 4 components: your global search bar, your user profile, help and your Salesforce app.

1. Global search bar - you should consider this to be your best friend in Salesforce, as this powerful search tool allows you to search across all records that you have access to see throughout the database.

2. User profile - clicking in on your name will allow you to access your profile and your settings, to control many aspects of the way you work in Salesforce.

3. Help - this is where you can access the Salesforce Help & Training portal, find documentation, quick start guides, the Salesforce Success Community and more.

4. Salesforce App - depending on how your Salesforce Admin configured Salesforce for your team, this should provide you with multiple options to quickly change the set of tabs displayed across the top of your screen.

Your Tabs

The tabs appearing across the top of your screen in Salesforce represent different areas of functionality or different types of records available to you.


Depending on how your Salesforce Administrator configured Salesforce for you, you are likely to find the following modules in your sidebar:

1. Create New - This allows you to easily create new records from anywhere in Salesforce.

2. Recent items - This section displays the 10 records you most recently worked on in Salesforce.

3. Custom Links - This section contains a pre-defined set of bookmarks defined by your Salesforce Admin, allowing you to quickly navigate to important web resources directly from the side panel.

4. Recycle Bin - After deleting records in Salesforce, items automatically go to the Recycle Bin - where they remain for 15 days. After 15 days they are automatically, permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

Main Section

The right pane of the screen includes:

1.  Show Feed - Shows your Chatter feed, where you can collaborate with colleagues.

2.  My Tasks - Shows all tasks that were assigned to you, whether they were created by yourself or others.

3. Calendar - Shows all your calendared events.

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About the author: David Giller

David Giller a Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger & Author. Although he started his professional career as an attorney, he entered the world of enterprise-scale IT management at NBCUniversal, and continued at GE Capital, where he was first introduced to Salesforce & became known as "The Salesforce Guru." David is now CEO of Brainiate. You can read more about David's bizarre career path here.

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