NEW Online Training Class for Beginners: "Getting Started in Salesforce - Navigation." FREE Until 7/31/16

Trailhead is awesome for learning how to become a Salesforce Admin or Developer.

Personally, I love Trailhead and recommend it to practically anyone who is new to the Salesforce ecosystem and wants to learn more.

New users, however, often tell me that they want (or need) content that is more suited to their background and skill set. This includes more instructional videos, less techno-talk, and teaching in small bite-sized digestible nuggets.

In an effort to satisfy the need to teach Salesforce to end users who are intimidated, overwhelmed and frustrated by learning Salesforce - I am launching the "Getting Started in Salesforce Classic" series of on-demand courses.

These courses are geared towards end users in small businesses, who are new to Salesforce, and need to learn the generic, typical, out-of-the-box functionality available on the Salesforce platform.

I just launched "Getting Started in Salesforce Classic: Navigation" and if you click on this link, you can access this course ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

In exchange - I would LOVE to get your feedback, ideas and suggestions, to further improve this and other courses to be launched in the near future.

Course Summary:

If you are new to Salesforce, you're likely overwhelmed and intimidated by the features and functionality. You probably aren't sure where to start. This course is your starting place.

This course will give you the confidence you need to understand the fundamental basics of navigating Salesforce by learning how to:
  • Quickly find records you need
  • Find the tabs and other features you need
  • Use Salesforce search, like a ninja
  • Customize your tabs in Salesforce
  • Find the Help Portal
  • Update your profile picture and contact information
  • Find the Chatter feed on the homepage
  • Hide or display the side panel
  • Leverage the Recent Items, Custom Links and Recycle Bin components on the side panel
  • Find the tasks that require immediate attention
  • Update your language and time zone preferences
  • Create a custom email signature
  • Update your email notification settings
  • Change your password
  • Know where to find or create custom email templates
  • Control your calendar sharing preferences
  • Set your own activity reminders

Thanks in advance!


About the author: David Giller

David Giller a Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger & Author. Although he started his professional career as an attorney, he entered the world of enterprise-scale IT management at NBCUniversal, and continued at GE Capital, where he was first introduced to Salesforce & became known as "The Salesforce Guru." David is now CEO of Brainiate. You can read more about David's bizarre career path here.

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