Why Should I Care About Salesforce? What's In It For Me?

I often work with teams of employees who are expected to know how to use Salesforce.

These employees are typically new to the Salesforce platform, and all they know is that it's a tool their employer requires them to use.

It is often perceived as a "Big Brother" tool in order to closely monitor the progress of each employee in the organization.

While there is some truth to that...(I often ask the same employees "If you were paying salaries for people to work for you, wouldn't YOU want to know that they are doing what's expected of them?!")...Salesforce can dramatically simplify and streamline each employee's day-to-day experience at work.

So, why should you care about Salesforce? What's in it for you?

In a word: EVERYTHING!

You should only care about using Salesforce if:
  • You care about your job;
  • You care about working efficiently;
  • You want to automate those brainless, repetitive and routine things that are time-consuming and annoying to do repeatedly;
  • You want to find the important information you need quickly;
  • You care about closing deals;
  • You want to stay on top of your to-do list;
  • You want to easily reference your notes from prior meetings, calls and other correspondence with prospects and customers;
  • You care about providing customer service;
  • You care about improving your business and career.
  • Salesforce allows you to track your customer interactions in one place;
  • Salesforce allows you to see all touches between your organization and the customer/prospect (across sales, marketing, customer service and operations);
  • Salesforce provides you with a system of record in order to track key information about your customers and prospects;
  • Salesforce provides you with a platform for team collaboration directly on the relevant records in the database;
  • Salesforce provides you with better visibility into the information that's relevant to you.
  • Salesforce allows you to easily manage and prioritize your day;
  • Salesforce allows you to spend more time selling and less time on administration;
  • Salesforce allows you to communicate consistently using email templates;
  • Salesforce allows you to follow up and close deals from any mobile device;
  • Salesforce allows you to easily access relevant documents;
  • Salesforce allows you with a clear understanding of your priorities, based on your own business criteria;
  • Salesforce allows you to do your own account planning.
Do you want GREATER ACCOUNTABILITY for yourself and your team?
  • Salesforce allows you to forecast your opportunities;
  • Salesforce allows you to easily share your progress with your team.
  • Salesforce allows you to define your standard processes, defining the steps necessary for members of your team;
  • Salesforce allows you to see only the information relevant to your role in the organization;
  • Salesforce allows you to define attributes that are required at various stages in your process;
  • Salesforce allows you to configure automatic assignment of records as needed;
  • Salesforce allows you to define your own approval processes.
If your company already has Salesforce, but you're struggling unlocking some of these features and overwhelmed by what you see on the screen, let me know. I would be happy to help put together a custom training curriculum for your team - to start seeing the ROI on your Salesforce investment.

About the author: David Giller

David Giller a Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger & Author. Although he started his professional career as an attorney, he entered the world of enterprise-scale IT management at NBCUniversal, and continued at GE Capital, where he was first introduced to Salesforce & became known as "The Salesforce Guru." David is now CEO of Brainiate. You can read more about David's bizarre career path here.

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