The Brainiate Show: Caleb Steen Explains How to Visualize Your Salesforce Data with MapAnything

In this episode, I sit down for a chat with Caleb Steen. 

Caleb is a Manager for SMB Solution Engineering at MapAnything, based in Charlotte, NC. 

Caleb gives us a glimpse into his own introduction to Salesforce, while also providing some great insight on how organizations improve their strategic planning by visually displaying their Salesforce data based on geographical territories using a bit of magic from MapAnything.  

Caleb shares some interesting and creative examples of how a waste management company uses MapAnything to track the location and delivery of their dumpsters using MapAnything and Salesforce.

Show Notes:

Timestamped Notes:

  • [01:10] Caleb's Introduction to Salesforce. Caleb describes how he first become familiar with Salesforce at his first job. 
  • [2:21] “Is there anything you used other than Trailhead to get you up to speed on Salesforce?” 
  • [3:30] Caleb describes MapAnything as the tool that allows Salesforce customers to answer the "Where?" question. 
  • [4:58] David compares MapAnything to the old office method of putting pushpins into a map in the sales office in order to visualize territories and success rates. 
  • [6:21] Caleb explains the genesis of MapAnything from the company’s creation in 2009. 
  • [7:50] Caleb describes MapAnything's first client, and how they leverage MapAnything technology in the waste management industry. 
  • [8:55] “Give us a success story that demonstrates the way a company changed the way they do business using MapAnything” 
  • [10:24] When buying a new app or product, ask yourself, “How will I really use this?” 
  • [11:50] Caleb explains the multiplicative effect of using MapAnything; and how it can change the way you do business. 
  • [12:24] In response to the question: “What's the biggest misconception people have regarding MapAnything?” Caleb explains that MapAnything is much more than just Google Maps. By tabulating the data and organizing it on the map, MapAnything allows the visualization of sales data in a way never before achieved. 
  • [14:20] The time value of MapAnything 
  • [15:00] “What is the most innovative or unconventional way you have seen people use MapAnything?” 
  • Compiling a list of times and locations of Happy Hour around the city for young professionals. 
  • A company customized it's sales territories by overlaying US Census data to various heat maps. 
  • [18:56] “What advice would you give to companies who may be underutilizing MapAnything?” 
  • -Just work at it. The interface is intuitive and trial-and-error is the best method for learning. Dive in. 
  • - Think about your business objectives. 
  • [21:56] “Could you identify one favorite feature of Salesforce that you feel is underutilized by the majority of people using the program?” 
  • - It would be Process Filter, no doubt. 
  • - It can build demos and configuration objects, improving communication across the organization 

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