The Brainiate Show: Misty Jones Reveals How She Earned 3 Salesforce Certifications in One Week!

In this episode I sit down for a chat with Misty Jones. Misty is a Senior Salesforce Administrator at Mutual of Omaha Bank, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Misty has earned 6 Salesforce Certifications. 3 Certifications in 1 week - at Destination Success 2017! 

Within the next half hour, you will hear Misty share her experience at Destination Success 2017: the prep work she did prior to attending, the intense experience during Destination Success and the accomplishments she came away with as a result of her hard work. 

Misty explains how she was initially introduced to Salesforce, reveals how she handles end user training, duplicate management, and some best practices around leveraging Salesforce reports and dashboards to drive success within the organization.

Show Notes:

Time-stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:01:51] - Misty describes how she earned 3 certifications in one week at Destination Success.
  • [00:03:00] - Misty describes what Destination Success is all about. 
  • [00:04:20] - Misty explains the pre-work that is required prior to arrival at Destination Success. 
  • [00:07:46] - Misty shares her experience as she was initially introduced to Salesforce. 
  • [00:11:28] - Misty reveals what it was like learning Salesforce from an admin perspective. 
  • [00:15:50] - Misty explains how she manages working with end users in a larger organization. 
  • [00:20:54] - Misty gives advice on duplicate management. 
  • [00:26:28] - Misty shared best practices regarding use of reports and dashboards.
  • [00:30:15 ] - Misty reveals her approach to empowering end users to create their own reports & dashboards. 
  • [00:33:30] - Misty describes her involvement with Salesforce user groups.  
  • [00:35:49] - Misty reveals how she got to present at Dreamforce. 

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David is now CEO of Brainiate, helping companies unleash the power of Salesforce.

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