The Unofficial User Guide: How to Track Your Leads on The Salesforce Mobile App

In this article, I'm going to teach you how to work with leads on the Salesforce1 mobile app. 

You can see over on the left-hand side, the option appears to navigate over to the Leads section.

This is almost identical to the Leads tab on the desktop browser.

Of course, we can navigate to the Leads section by clicking on this option, but for now, let’s go ahead and use the search feature, because hey, I always say that search is your best friend in Salesforce.

Searching for Leads
So, we’re going to use the search feature in order to find a particular Lead in Salesforce.

Once we click into the search bar on the top of the screen, let's go ahead and search for “Melanie.”

After hitting the Search button on the keyboard, I can see the lead of Melanie Madden is immediately available on the screen.

Reviewing Lead Details

If I click into it I will see the details that we have for Melanie that were captured either by me or any of my colleagues on the team.

Taking Action: Logging Calls, Tasks

I can see that there are a bunch of features on the bottom, represented as icone.

I can post to Chatter, I can add a file, I can attach a link, I can log a call. There's also an option in the lower right that says “Show More.”

If I click on it, I see that I have many other options available to me.

You may or may not see the same options when you’re logged into Salesforce. That's because the Salesforce Admin has a lot of control over the options that are available to you on the desktop and mobile device.

I can either click CLOSE on the bottom of the screen, or use the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to go back.

If I go back to Melanie's record, I can review her information once again.

If I want to place a call to Melanie I can simply click on the phone number and my phone will automatically ask if I want to place a call.

I can simply choose call to actually place the call.

Alternatively, if I want to send her an email, I can click on the email. Here you can see I have options in terms of what device I would like to use in order to actually send her an email.

Accessing Related Records

If you want to see the Activity History or any Campaigns that we have for this Lead, I can simply click on related in the upper right hand portion of the screen.

This will allow me to see all of the related items that were logged associated to this particular lead that I'm working with.

Navigating Back to the Global Menu

Now let's go back a little bit, let's go back to the global menu, by clicking on the arrow in the upper left hand corner, and then on the three lines (the “hamburger”) in the upper left hand corner, until I get to the main global menu.

Using the Leads "Tab"

I'm going to now choose the Leads option from the main menu.

Accessing List Views

Once the screen refreshes, I can see at the top of the screen are my List Views. This is almost identical to the List Views that we're looking at on the desktop browser.

We have access to them right here as well.

If I wanted to see for example all open leads, I can simply click on that List View option and the app will run the query against the entire database and I’ll be able to see all of the open leads from my phone.

Navigating from A List View to A Particular Record

If I need to drill into any one of them, I can simply choose any one of them and I drill into those details for that record, just like we did earlier, with Melanie's lead record.

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