Preparing for Dreamforce? Make Sure to Pack these Essentials!

If you're getting ready for Dreamforce, here are some items* that you should pack in preparation for the networking, learning and socializing marathon of the year:
  • Toiletry Bag - These toiletry bags make it easy to organize your toiletries and quickly unpack them once you arrive at your hotel.
  • Packing Cubes - I recently discovered packing cubes, and they have dramatically changed the way I pack and organize for trips. Aside from saving space in my suitcase, they make it super easy to unpack and re-sort items among multiple bags that I might be taking along for the trip.
  • Travel Surge Protector w USB Ports - We've all been there get to the hotel room only to discover that they have fewer electrical outlets than you need, and they are spread out throughout the room. Ugh. Bring along one of these babies and you'll turn a single outlet into a dual USB charging station and have 3-4 additional outlets for other devices. If you choose to bring these with you when you leave the hotel, you might find yourself the most popular person in each session, as you scout out an electrical outlet (which will inevitably be used by someone who got there before you), and you can simply plug their device into your portable surge protector while also plugging in your own devices, too.
  • External Batteries - You don't want to get caught with your phone at 2%, scrambling for a wall outlet. Keep one of these neat batteries tucked away in your bag and you'll be good to go.
  • Extra Charging Cables - Whether you need Lightning cables or Micro USB cables, these items are inexpensive and can make your external battery useless if you discover that your cable is frayed or suddenly not working for some other reason.
  • Ear plugs - You might find yourself on the flight, or in your hotel room...trying to sleep, with some incredibly noisy and rude people preventing you from getting much needed rest. Having some ear plugs handy can make the difference between a restless night's sleep and waking up in the morning refreshed.
  • Walking Shoes - Painful and tired feet, blisters or worn out shoes can paralyze you during a week when you can expect to do a whole lot of walking. Now might be a great time to get a fresh pair of shoes or insoles!
  • Hand Sanitizer - You'll likely be shaking the hands of lots of people during this event. Using hand sanitizer can save yourself from some embarrassing situations if you haven't had a chance to rinse off after lunch, and can also save you from catching germs from fellow attendees.
  • Travel Umbrella - Although the chances of getting caught in the rain are hit-or-miss, you don't want to find yourself overpaying for an expensive yet junky umbrella from a street vendor or local drugstore.
Did I miss any critical items?

If so - let me know!

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David is now CEO of Brainiate, helping companies unleash the power of Salesforce.

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