Top Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Nonprofits - May 2018

Here are the top Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Nonprofits as of May 2018:

Rollup Helper - Roll up any information in Salesforce with clicks and not code. 

With Rollup Helper, you can roll-up any Salesforce data: Count, sum, max, min, average, percent, lookups, text, formula, and multi-currency roll-ups. Roll-up more data! Rollup Helper Premium Edition is available standalone or as part of Helper Suite.
Pricing: FREE

Geopointe - Maps, Mapping, Route Planning, Navigation, GIS, Territory Management
Location-enable Salesforce with proximity searching, routing, territory management, demographics, live tracking, check-in & more. Discover geolocation data for sales, service, marketing, operations & executives.
Pricing: Starting at $30 USD per user per month

LinkPoint Connect - Increase Salesforce adoption. Keep working in Outlook.
LinkPoint Connect increases Salesforce adoption by bringing CRM data access inside of Outlook. Record emails, create and update records, and sync content to Salesforce from Outlook. Office 365, IMAP, POP3, Citrix, & Partner Communities supported.
Pricing: Starting at $9 USD per user per month

Volunteers for Salesforce - Volunteer management for your organization.
Volunteers for Salesforce helps manage your volunteer events and people. It manages volunteers, jobs, shifts, and hours, allowing you to track and report on all of the data as well as allow public signups via Sites pages on your website.
Pricing: FREE

Storage helper - A safe & easy way to automatically mass delete unwanted data in Salesforce.
Storage Helper safely mass deletes data for any standard or custom object and helps you save money on Salesforce data storage.
Pricing: FREE

Lookup Helper - Display your related information anywhere in Salesforce
Display Related Records Anywhere in Salesforce:
- Auto-Population Of Lookups
- Display Leads Under an Account
- Put Accounts & Leads Under a Zip Code Record
Pricing: FREE

Click & Pledge Event Management - Total event management solution with integrated payment processing.
Event Management offers the full functionality of event management solution while integrating with Salesforce and a payment system. From creating events to receiving payments and reporting, event management provides an easy, customizable option.
Pricing: FREE

Brickwork - Secure NPSP donation processing via Credit Card and ACH/Direct Debit
Brickwork, from iATS Payments, is a free application seamlessly integrated with's NPSP that supports batch, one-time, and recurring credit card and ACH/Direct Debit transactions online and via the integrated virtual terminal (iATS Button).Pricing: FREE

Click & Pledge Donor Management Payment as- a Service - Click & Pledge Donor Management joins Salesforce® and NPSP to the C&P Suite to measure impact, cultivate donors, and boost retention with custom Autoresponders, Contact Matching, Patron Analytics, and industry-recognized 3rd party integrations.
Pricing: FREE

Fonteva events - Better Events Management Built 100% Native to Salesforce
Fonteva Events is an enterprise events software that is powered by Salesforce. From online registration to agendas and planning logistics, Fonteva will integrate seamlessly into your events operation, turning Salesforce strength into successful events.Pricing: Starting at $8,400 USD per company per year

Accounting Seed:Native Accounting Application - Run Accounting and CRM on a Single Platform
100% Native General Ledger, Project Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning application. Run your whole business from Salesforce. Get rid of the pain and suffering from broken sync tools and duplicate databases.
Pricing: Starting at $285 USD per company per month

Click & Pledge Payment Class Library - The Class Library provides a programming tool for using C&P's API.
The Click and Pledge API Class Library provides an easy to use tool for working with the Click & Pledge payment API. Developers may create payment forms and applications for processing credit cards, eChecks, invoices, purchase orders, and more.
Pricing: FREE

Nonprofits 101 - Salesforce Help Knowledge-base for Nonprofit and Educational Organizations
Salesforce 101 for Nonprofits - This resource is for nonprofit users and potential users of Salesforce. It is provided and maintained by Cloud for Good.
Pricing: FREE

V4S Mobile - Next gen volunteering on the mobile & web for fast, accurate time tracking.
V4S Mobile lets Nonprofits engage better with their volunteers. Recruit, schedule and engage volunteers. Recognize and reward volunteers. On iOS and Android devices. No more signup sheets, whiteboards, Excel. Save time & effort. Make volunteering easy!
Pricing: FREE

Auctions for Salesforce - Auctions management for your fundraising event.
Auctions for Salesforce 4.14 (March 2018) helps staff manage all the information related to an auction. It tracks tickets, sponsorships, donations, the bundling of donations into auction items, purchases, and handles Check In & Check Out at the event.
Pricing: FREE

Affiliations for the Nonprofit Starter Pack 2 - Affiliations for the Nonprofit Starter Pack 2
The Nonprofit Starter Pack is a set of customizations to CRM that supports some common nonprofit business processes. This package supports the relating of Contacts to multiple Organizations (Accounts).
Pricing: FREE

WealthEngine Connector for Salesforce - Wealth Management
WE’s unique visibility into the discretionary wealth of almost every U.S. adult enables our customers to strengthen existing relationships while engaging prospects with unrivaled efficiency. WE for SF delivers our wealth intelligence directly into SF.
Pricing: Starting at $180 USD per user per year

Mogli SMS:Text Messaging & SMS Surveys - SMS Conversations, Bulk Text Messages, Intelligent Surveys & Automations
Mogli SMS is a US-based company that helps Global and Domestic Organizations, NonProfits and Higher Education Institutions improve outreach capabilities through intelligent texting technology.
Pricing: Starting at $55 USD per company per month

Fonteva Membership - The Future of Association Software
Fonteva Membership is an AMS - association management software solution with the features member-based organizations require to develop and nurture relationships, manage events, measure engagement, drive collaboration, and achieve their mission.
Pricing: Starting at $145 USD per user per month

iWave for Salesforce - The smarter wealth screening, prospect research and fundraising solution.
With iWave for Salesforce, you can seamlessly combine iWave’s wealth and philanthropic data with internal Salesforce data. The result is a 360° snapshot of your prospect or donor’s inclination, interest, and capacity to give to your cause.
Pricing: Starting at $71 USD per Organization per month

NGO Connect - CRM and Fundraising Solution for Enterprise Nonprofits
NGO Connect helps you nurture constituent relationships so you can become a constituent-centered nonprofit. It delivers constituent engagement, online & offline fundraising, events, volunteers and reporting.
Pricing: $75 USD per user per month

Payment2US - Payments & Donations Made Simple, Secure & Seamless
Online and Manual Payments, Recurring Payments, Memberships, Events, Peer-to-Peer, Data Quality validation/updates, Direct Debit, Import Files and More.
Pricing: Starting at $200 AUD per company per year

Fund Allocations for Nonprofits - Split gifts between two or more funds, then post to your general ledger.
Create funds and goals to track how gifts are allocated. Easily split gifts between multiple allocations, then export all necessary attributes for your bookkeeping solution. This will post your allocations and lock them down from further editing.
Pricing: FREE

Cloud for Good Donation Split - Allocate gifts to multiple designations or programs and budget years.
The Cloud for Good Donation Split is a FREE fundraising solution designated specially for nonprofit and educational organizations. It is the Donation Split module allows organizations to record how donations should be spent based on a donor’s request.
Pricing: FREE

Luminate CRM - Bringing People Together for Your Cause
Luminate CRM™ is the complete, multi-channel, Salesforce-based, nonprofit CRM built by the experts in nonprofit technology, Blackbaud.
Pricing: FREE

CoPilot- Powered by College Forward - Your Roadmap to Degrees
CoPilot provides non-profit and education advisors a holistic student information system, allowing users to access and analyze critical information in order to deliver more targeted, data-informed student interventions.
Pricing: Starting at $10,200 USD per company per year